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Versa Spa Series Spray Tan

Verersa SpaSunless Skin Care System

Versa Spa

VersaPRO has the finest mist when compared to any sunless system on the market, resulting in flawless results.

  • VersaPRO acts as a custom system for every customer. It offers three different levels of bronzing solution, allowing you to pick the level of bronzer that looks natural for your skin type.
  • VersaPRO has an automatic HEATED blow dry after each treatment. No wet feeling!
  • VersaPRO is not just a sunless tanning system; it is also a skin care system. Year Round Brown offers a complimentary prep session that acts as a moisturizer while extending your sunless tan.
  • VersaPRO also has a complete exhaust ventilation system, allowing users to breathe with ease and not have to hold their breath during a session.
  • VersaPRO has an open design that offers a completely comfortable experience.

Booth Type: VersaPRO
Spray Time: 45 Seconds
Tan Maintenance: 5-7 Days
Spray Levels: Double Bronzer (Light to Medium Color), Triple Bronze (Medium to Dark Color), & Double Dip Bronzer (Dark Color)
Amenities: 3 Spray Nozzles, Voice Instructions, Longer Lasting Spray Formula, and Heated Spray Application
Year Round Brown is the exclusive home of the VersaPRO. VersaPRO is the number one rated sunless spray system in the United States and has been featured in many celebrity magazines. You have no reason to be skeptical about trying a Year Round Brown sunless spray because not only is it the best the industry has to offer, but we guarantees your full satisfaction. Whether you are fair skinned or dark we have the bronzing solution for you! The VersaPRO offers three different levels of bronzer so you can look your natural best.


Price is per number of sessions, redeemable at any time. Club Elite is an unlimited automatic monthly subscription plan.

Tanning Solution 1 5 10 15 20 Club Elite
Price $30 $26ea $24ea $21ea $19ea $69.95

Included – Prep Spray: The spray is a solution, which is sprayed onto your body prior to the brozing solution. The Prep helps to create an even canvas for the color to go on, and also presaturates your skin to absorb as much of the bronzing solution as possible.
Extra $5.00 – Moisturizing Spray: The spray is a moisturizer which you receive after you have completed the bronzing cycle. This in turn helps preserve and extend your VersaSpa spray tan and slow the natural exfoliation of the skin.

* prices per session, and are subject to change



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