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Infinity Sun Airbrush

Infinity Sun Airbrush


Elite Tanning’s Infinity Sun airbrushing has a reputation for delivering world class products and state-of-the-art technology in the realm of sunless tanning. Infinity Sun based in Beverly Hills, California and has such stars as Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Gisela Bundchen and many others that only spray with the Infinity Sun system. From the Emmys, Golden Globes, Oscars and Tonys, Infinity Sun is the choice of the Stars and now the choice of yours!

Treat yourself to one or all of Infinity Sun’s nourishing skin treatments, including sunless tanning, Ph Balance normalization, anti-aging or shimmer treatments and watch your skin be transformed!

  • Infinity Normalize Elixir A fine blend of exotic aloes which assist in hydrating porous areas of the body. This product enables the sunless tanning solution to penetrate uniformly into the skin, resulting in a longer-lasting, more even sunless tan.
  • Infinity Anti-Aging Bronzer Tanning Solutions An all natural anti-aging sunless tanner made with anti-oxidants and pure botanicals, leaving the skin radiant with a natural looking, golden brown glow. Containing a cosmetic bronzer derived immediate results. Tan fully develops in 12 hours.
  • Infinity Anti-Aging Clear Tanning Solutions An all-natural, anti-aging sunless tanner made with antioxidants and pure botanicals, leaving the skin radiant with a natural looking, golden brown glow. This product was designed for clients who wish to enjoy the ultimate sunless tan without the added bronzer. Tan Fully develops in 12 hours.
  • Infinity Anti-Aging Elixir A skin rejuvenating treatment made with exotic plant extracts antioxidants and botanicals to uncover the skins natural radiance. This treatment is ideal for use after a sunless tanning session, or regular UV tan to prolong the life of your color.
  • Infinity Shimmer Hydration Elixir An exclusive blend of shimmering radiance infused with emollients and humectants whish serve to soften the skin while delivering a delightful glowing effect, the perfect skin treatment accessory. Great for special occasions or competitions.


Price is per number of sessions, redeemable at any time.

Spray Sessions 1 4 9 13 20 Club Elite
Infity Sun Airbrush $30 $28ea $26ea $25ea $24ea $85.95

Pricing includes Infinity Normalize Elixir & Infinity Bronzer or Clear Tanning Solutions
Infinity Anti-Aging & Shimmer are extra during your treatment

* prices per session, and are subject to change



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